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Kristin Gonzalez  in Frisco - Rockstar Martial Arts and Fitness

Kristin Gonzalez

As a former athlete I thought I was strong and balanced until I found power yoga.  The practice of yoga increased my strength and endurance 10 fold to when I was a student athlete spending hours and hours a day in the gym. The physical gains were awesome but the mental gains changed my life.  Yoga empowered me to focus under pressure, manage stress and anxiety, face fears, and to enjoy the present moment. 

There are lots of work outs that can build your biceps and strengthen your butt.  In Yoga a strong body is the by product of an even stronger mind.

As yoga teacher since 2011 my goal is to empower students in the way I was empowered,to help them discover their own amazing strength onand off the mat.  


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