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James Boecker

James Boecker started his Martial Art training in 1984. He received his Black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has trained in multiple styles, including Muay thai, wrestling, boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, in which he earned his 2nd Degree under world renowned instructor, Carlos Machado. Mr. Boecker continues to train everyday and loves sharing his passion with other Martial Arts schools across the world. He is one of the most sought out consultants in the Martial Arts industry. One of his top accomplishments includes building the largest Martial Arts organization in Texas, which was called USA Martial Arts. Now, he devotes his time to other schools across the country, helping improve their business and Martial Arts skills. Mr. Boecker is happily married to his beautiful wife, Shiva Boecker, who owns Rockstar Martial Arts & Fitness. His passion for the Martial Arts in the last 30 years comes with wisdom and experience to offer the next generation of Martial Artists. 

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