Saekson Janjira Seminar | Martial Arts in Frisco

 in Frisco - Rockstar Martial Arts and Fitness

RockStar is once again bringing in the best of the best!  Mark your calendars for this opportunity to learn from Saekson Janjira!  FREE to the public, however, space is limited.  Please email to reserve your spot.  Wednesday, January 21st.  Kids @ 5:30 and adults @ 6:30.   
• 6 Time Undefeated World Champion
• 30+ years in Martial Arts
• Karate and Kickboxing Hall of Fame
• Over 200 Professional fights
• Known as the Best Muay Thai Instructor in America
• Trained Countless Numbers of Champions in Sports Today
• World Light Weight Professional Muay Thai Champion
• International Sport Muay Thai Association (I.S.M.T.A.) Champion
• World Kru Muay Association (W.K.M.A) Champion
• Intercontinental Champion of the (W.K.A)




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