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Rockstar Martial Arts North Frisco offers anti-bullying seminars to help kids learn techniques to deal, cope, avoid and defend against bullies. Our seminar is more than self-defense, it’s about giving your child anti-bullying tools to deal with bullies in the classroom, playground, bus or neighborhood.


Bullying occurs when a student or group of students are repeatedly tormented, humiliated or harassed by other students or peers. For a lot of kids bullying can lead to physical or mental harm, impact school grades, social isolation, lower self-esteem & confidence and impact their overall well-being. Often kids are too afraid, humiliated or embarrassed to tell their parents, teacher, counselor and/or administrators and get the help and support they need. Bullying can make kids feel helpless or they may think they can handle and control the situation by themselves. Kids might also feel if they tell someone the bullying may get worse that peers and friends will think they’re weak and be rejected. We work with kids and help them understand that it’s important to reach out and speak to someone. 

Below are signs that your child might a victim of bullying:

  • Lost or missing toys, electronics, clothing, shoes, jewelry

  • Injuries that your child can’t explain

  • School grades decline and lack of interest in school

  • Avoiding peers and sudden loss of friends

  • Faking illness e.g. stomach aches, headaches to miss school or bus

  • Decreases self-esteem, helplessness and/or melancholy

  • Binge eating after school (Kids may be hungry, because lunch was taken)

  • Sleeping habits change, frequent nightmares and/or difficulty sleeping


At Rockstar Martial Arts North Frisco, we tell all our students physical altercation is last resort, but if someone doesn’t listen to reason or puts their hands on you, we will teach your child Jiu Jitsu and other anti-bullying self-defense bully-proof techniques, so your child knows what to do.

In our anti-bully seminar we will go over:

  • How stand in a fight

  • Blocking a punch

  • Proper base

  • Which way to circle in fight

  • How to slip a punch and take the back

  • Takedowns

  • What to do if someone pushes you up against a wall or locker

  • Defending chokes

  • If someone grabs your wrist and tries to pull you

  • What to do if someone mounts you on the ground

  • Submissions to end a fight


Don’t let your child be the victim of bullying. Give them anti-bullying techniques to help bully-proof themselves.


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