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The Mental Benefits of Training BJJ - Frisco

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The Mental Benefits of Training BJJ - Frisco

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is one of the most rewarding martial arts you can learn and it’s one of the newest. It is widely viewed as the best martial art for one-on-one combat against untrained opponents with the early days of mixed martial arts providing lots of proof.  BJJ is a grappling-based martial art so you don’t learn any striking techniques in class. That doesn’t stop it from being one of the most effective martial arts. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu specializes in ground fighting with the ultimate goal of submitting your opponent. There are countless submissions used in BJJ with a constant flow of new techniques being added.  The closed guard is the trademark position of BJJ. In this position, you’re on your back with your legs wrapped around your opponent’s torso. The position has historically been one of the worst positions you could find yourself in a fight, but BJJ players have proven the person in the bottom position has the advantage if they know what they’re doing. 

Since strikes aren’t allowed in BJJ, students can spar with each other with full intensity after every class. This allows you to refine your techniques against resisting opponents, preparing you for real fights or competitions. Students of martial arts like boxing can’t go 100 percent with each other every time they spar since both parties are taking blows all over their bodies. Being able to go hard during sparring is one of the reasons why grappling-based martial arts like BJJ and Wrestling are so effective. Students gain a lot of fighting experience simply by training. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a lot more than an effective fighting technique. It’s a way of life that has many benefits for your mental health. 

Five Ways Learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Is Great For Your Mental Health

Some of the ways training BJJ at Rockstar Martial Arts North Frisco improves your mental wellness include:

1) Stress Relief

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training is an intense physical activity that stimulates the release of endorphins. These are feel-good chemicals released in your brain after any intense form of exercise for extended periods. BJJ gives you a great endorphin buzz, that gives you a zen feeling that lasts the rest of the day. Try training in the mornings if possible so you can enjoy your buzz all day long. 

Unlike artificial ways of boosting your mood like drinking, BJJ training is good for your overall health and you still get to enjoy a nice buzz. 

The boost you get from endorphins being released in your brain will lower your stress levels and improve your sleep quality. 

2) Improved Social Circle

Rockstar Martial Arts North Frisco is one of the most positive, friendly environments around. It typically starts with the instructors who create an environment that brings out the best in everyone. Everyone is typically respectful and welcoming, especially when you’re the new guy. 

Many of these people will end up becoming your friends and part of your support system. They’ll be there to pick you up on days you’re mentally drained. You’ll also find yourself spending time with some of them outside the dojo. 

Social isolation is one of the risk factors for a variety of mental health issues like depression, but training in BJJ at Rockstar Martial Arts North Frisco gives your social life a significant boost. It’s a great way to make new friends. 

3) Improved Confidence

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu isn’t just a fun way to get some intense exercise. It’s one of the most effective martial arts ever developed and it gives you skills you can use to defend yourself if you ever need to. Knowing how to defend yourself leads to you feeling less anxious and more confident as you go about your daily activities. 

You’ll also become more confident anytime you earn a new promotion or master a technique you once found difficult. The more you train, the better you’ll get, and the more confident you’ll be in all aspects of your life. Confidence is one of the most attractive traits a person can have. It makes others want to be around you, increasing your social circle. It also makes you less likely to be targeted by bullies or criminals. 

BJJ training will also get you in the best shape of your life, which, in turn, improves your self-esteem. An hour spent on the mat can burn over 1,000 calories, making it significantly easier to reach a caloric deficit. It isn’t uncommon to hear new BJJ students marvel at how much fat has come of their bodies since they started training without even making any changes to their diets. Combine BJJ training with a low-calorie diet and you’ll be an impressive specimen in no time. 

4) Improved Sense Of Purpose

Life is awesome when you have a career or job that fulfills your passions. However, getting there isn’t that simple. Some people aren’t sure about what they want, while others struggle with obstacles in their paths. BJJ training gives you a sense of purpose as you make your way through the ranks. You’re no longer just a person existing to pay bills, it gives you a passion that fulfills your desire to excel at things. 

BJJ training also opens up other doors that give you something to aim for. It might be winning your local BJJ tournament or getting a side gig as an assistant instructor. You’ll find yourself talking about BJJ in other aspects of your life. Try not to overdo it though since people who don’t train typically find that annoying. 

5) Teaches You A Healthy Way Of Life

BJJ training encourages you to make healthier life choices like eating healthy, drinking enough water, and getting adequate sleep at night. All these things help to improve your mental wellness. You’re around martial artists who might be taking some of these things more seriously than you do when you first start training, but it eventually rubs off on you. 

You’ll eventually figure out that you perform better during your training when you eat carbs a couple of hours before your class or notice how much weight you lost by training without even going on a diet. You’ll then wonder how well you’d perform in class or what you’d look like if you cleaned up your diet. 

Why Choose Rockstar Martial Arts North Frisco?

At Rockstar Martial Arts North Frisco, we pride ourselves on being the undisputed leaders in the industry when it comes to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) training. Our commitment to excellence, world-class instructors, and a supportive community make us the go-to gym for those seeking top-notch BJJ experiences.

1. Expert Instructors and Proven Training Methods:

Our gym boasts a team of highly skilled and experienced BJJ instructors who are dedicated to refining your skills and helping you achieve your goals. They bring a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to every class, ensuring that you receive top-tier training in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Our instructors are not only experts in the techniques but are also passionate about imparting their wisdom to students, making each class an engaging and transformative experience.

2. State-of-the-Art Facilities:

Rockstar Martial Arts North Frisco is equipped with state-of-the-art training facilities, providing an optimal environment for learning and growth. Our spacious and well-maintained training areas are designed to accommodate all levels of expertise, from beginners to advanced practitioners. We invest in top-quality equipment, ensuring that our members have access to the best resources to enhance their BJJ journey.

3. Supportive and Inclusive Community:

At Rockstar Martial Arts North Frisco, we believe that a strong sense of community enhances the learning experience. Our gym is more than just a place to train; it's a supportive and inclusive family. Whether you're a seasoned BJJ enthusiast or a newcomer to the sport, you'll find a welcoming atmosphere where everyone is committed to helping each other succeed. Our community bonds extend beyond the mats, creating lasting friendships and connections among our members.


Check out some of the things our students have to say about our program

"Rockstar Martial Arts North Frisco has completely transformed my BJJ journey. The instructors' expertise and dedication to my progress are unmatched. The community here is like a second family, pushing me to new heights. I can't imagine training anywhere else!" Carlos R


"After trying various BJJ gyms, Rockstar Martial Arts North Frisco stood out for its top-notch facilities and world-class instructors. The attention to detail in each class has accelerated my growth in ways I never thought possible. This gym is the real deal!" Carlos R


"Joining Rockstar Martial Arts North Frisco was the best decision I made for my BJJ journey. The supportive community, combined with the passion and skill of the instructors, creates an unbeatable combination. I've not only improved my techniques but gained a network of friends who share my love for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu."  Emily K


Apart from being physically healthy, in this time and age, we shouldn’t neglect being mentally healthy. Our Mental well-being contributes a big part to our lives – being mentally healthy allows us to navigate tough times and make important decisions when needed. With the many mental benefits BJJ has to offer, what’re you waiting for? Ready to give Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu a try? Attend one of Rockstar Martial Arts complimentary introductory BJJ classes to see what training is like up close.


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